we work hard to make this world a better place!

The time is now to take control of our precious planet that we call home.
Our events focus on activities that give us the ability to, as best we can,
effect change and prevent further change to the world around us. The first
such event is the “Great South Florida Clean up and Toy Drive”. This family
event provides a clean start unitive and further benefits the youngest
members of our society.

Our Dream

We see a future where all humans actively
participate in effecting a way of life that prevents
further damage to our world while simultaneously
improving our overall quality of life.

Dolphins and whales have a technique where they blow tiny
bubbles from their blowholes as they swim in a circle underneath
a school of fish. These bubbles rise up towards the surface making a net of bubbles to trap the fish.  As the dolphins move upwards this bubble net gets tighter and  tighter grouping the fish closer together whereupon the dolphins  can consume their trapped meal. This harmony with nature in using tools  made      from bubbles is the level we should all strive for in our   interaction with nature. Currently the amount of garbage that gets produced 
as we go about our daily lives needs to stop without delay. We have the ability to think more carefully

about how we accomplish our goals of comfort. If the

results are not win win win for all concerned we have

not thought it thought enough.


Derek McNulty

Derek is a Scuba instructor trainer for 5 different agencies and knows first-hand the effect of pollution on our fragile planet. He has run may companies over the years and is now focusing his attention on bringing those two worlds together…Applying business acumen to organizing a better treatment of our planet.


Garret Nathan

Garret has extensive experience organizing large outdoor events. He believes using a more earth friendly approach to wellness and living in harmony with our planet are paramount to a sustainable future.


Anika Hoffmann

Joining the team is Anika Hoffmann. She brings a wealth of experience in executive relations, and is professionally trained in public relations. Bringing her style of influence to the table and extensive networking skills Anika handles much of the administration and execution of vital elements.

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