The great beach clean up and holiday toy drive


We have set out to make an impact and we want to make it BIG.
Join us in executing the largest beach clean up on record. And while we’re doing it, let’s rock a toy drive.

Event dates and times

Dec 19, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

We are attempting to break a Guinness world record and we are inviting you join us. With just over an hour of your time, on December 19, you can help us to break a record. By joining together as a community, we all get a shot at being a Guinness record breaker!!!! Here is how it works…..

Wherever you live in Florida draw an imaginary line East to the beach where we have broken the beach into small blocks. These blocks we are calling your door step. The task is to remove plastic and other debris from your section of beach from 11:00 till 2:00 on Dec 19. This will be the largest continuous beach clean in history entering us all into the Guinness book of

We ask that you bring with you an unwrapped toy for the holiday toy drive that we have
attached to this event. As we come together as individuals and take control of our lives,
community, and effect on the planet, lets also provide the sick and less fortunate kids with
feelings of inclusion this holiday season.


  •  Register with us using the “register” link on this page.
  • Use the map below to locate your address, then move your pointer to the right.
    to find the location of your checkpoint. Make a note of this checkpoint name.
  • Register with the volunteer group at using
    the checkpoint name.
  • Go buy a toy.
  • See you at the beach on Dec 19. And bring your own bags, gloves, sunblock, etc

We have a preferred vendor list of businesses that are offering deep discounts and other offers
to you for being a participant in cleaning our beaches.
If you are a vendor who would like to be considered for our list please register using the
register” link on this page.

Thank you for helping our planet.

Derek and Garret


Spread the Word

“Time spent on a clean beach is never time wasted.”

Clean communities, healthy citizens.


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